Are Asian Tech Companies Trying to Kick Out Apple?

No matter what the playing field, it’s always exciting to see an unstoppable force go up against an immovable object. This time, that epic bout is between a country that’s been around for thousands of years against the culture defining tech that’s currently sitting in your pocket or what you’re using to read this article.  Just last week, it became public knowledge here in the states that iPhone 6 and 6S’s have been barred from being sold in Beijing, China. The reasoning comes from something you could probably guess: patenting disputes. Supposedly, Apple’s phone body design for the iPhone 6/6S has infringed on the patent rights of a small company known as “Digione”, a tech company that somehow doesn’t even have a website on the internet for us to link you to… which is a bit sketchy in our opinion. The claim is that the 6/6S is mighty similar to Digione’s “100C” cellphone, leading to the banning of iPhone sales in the greater Beijing area until an appeal has been made.


A Picture of the Digione 100C

Experts however, are saying this may have less to do with patent infringement, and more to do with bad blood between Apple and a Chinese mega-company known as “Baidu,” who’s essentially The Google of China. Since Baidu is Digione’s largest investor, it’s reasonable to think they’re the one’s pulling the strings behind these infringement claims to somehow push Apple out of Asia for either themselves, or one of their tech alliances. What do you think’s at work here? Is a small company just trying to claim right’s to what is theirs, or are certain tech companies trying to team up to beat out Apple on their home turf? Check out a video unboxing of the Digione 100C below and decide for yourself.

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