Are New York Fashion Week's Catwalks the only ones that count?

New York is a city of fashion and glamour and nothing excites anyone interested in fashion more than Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week! From September 8th to September 15th, the greatest designers in the world and the biggest celebrities have eyes on the Big Apple! Besides being fabulous, is the Mercedes Benz catwalk the one that really matters? Is it actually the most important place to look for new seasonal trends? Personally I am kind of suspicious to believe so, thus I wonder myself. Might the real runways be closer than we think? 

There are people like Phil Oh who knows it well. He has been working for Vogue for the last five years on a mission to document every day street style, forgiving the strike-a-pose-celebrity moments and couture designs. He photographs real people in their everyday lives carrying out a sense of style. There’s even a chance he might have portrayed trends walking down the real catwalks, without knowing so.

Ordinary people, and with this term I refer to, those people who are not wealthy enough to buy Carolina Herrera or Gucci outfits on a daily basis, still love fashion. Oh, man! They really do! If ordinary people love fashion and portray it in new ways, who says we can’t be trend setters as well? Thanks to people like Phil Oh and of course the internet and technology, we are more readily available to access some of the best street styles world wide that is influencing how even large designers are creating their lines! This street style to runway fashion revolution has turned real.

Street Style can absolutely define tendencies the way Fashion Week Shows used to because in the end, there are more “sneaker” people in the world who cannot afford the costs of luxurious clothing like the “heeled” ones. Our everyday streets speak loudly when it comes to the Fashion Industry and with more online businesses, it’s easier than ever to access anything you want at the click of a button.


Took out my best pair of striped pyjamas for #NYFW 🚕 snapped by my girl @katie.fergus #SeeWantShop

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There is no denying that Fashion Shows will always be true to our hearts and high end designers will always influence us, but now the Industry isn’t so focused on big shows, expensive designs and couture suits when the real trends are being showcased every day, walking down the streets.


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