Aziz Ansari is Hilarious and Woke for SNL Monologue on President Trump

As of this past Saturday, we’re officially no longer in the Obama Administration and are now in full swing of the Trump Administration. We have officially replaced the charismatic, constitutional lawyer from Chicago, with a reality TV star, real estate mogul whose last name is Drumpf. We don’t doubt that you heard about (or even possibly participated) in the worldwide marches that oppose the goals of current sitting president, so we don’t have to get into too much detail of just how disliked this guy really is, but let’s just say nobody’s seen a leader this unapproved of since ever. Celebrities and public figures from all walks of life and all industries have shared critical words for President Trump, one of the most outspoken being Parks and Recreation star and stand-up comedian, Aziz Ansari. In light of the change in office, Aziz took his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live to put some hilarious insight on this whole crazy situation.

Aziz doesn’t waste any time delving right into the country’s current political climate. He begins with logic wrapped in great jokes, mentioning how not everyone who voted for Trump bares the worst qualities imaginable (like being prejudiced, misogynistic, etc.). He then moves on to tackle issues of race in the lighthearted way only a top comedian can pull off by fighting xenophobia with the universal love for Nachos, comparing closet racism with lower case letters, and how he feels that if Trump could just promote his understanding of the other side, much like Bush once did, things could start to mend back together. Who knew Aziz could nail the perfect mixture of funny and woke in under ten minutes? Check out the stellar monologue, below!

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