Balenciaga's Sock-Inspired Sneaker Is Much More Than Meets the Eye

Feb 16, 2017

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and for few shoes is this age old saying so relevant as it is for Balenciaga’s newest release, the Balenciaga Speed Trainer. The French luxury shoe line is no stranger to unique kicks, as their Race Runners and Marble High Tops, for example, are some of the most gorgeous high-end sneakers you can find on the market. What’s awesome about the Speed Trainer’s has to be that the shoes are practically socks. And not in the sense that you’re not going to be getting your whole $545 worth, but in the sense that the way these fully functioning sports sneakers hug the foot is akin to a sock.

The Speed Trainer’s feature a patented memory sole that absorbs shock from running to a precision that’s unique for every individual person. They’re also unbelievably light, weighing at just half a pound per shoe. There’s two length options for the Speed Trainers, an ankle-length height or a calf-length height, either of which come in black, gray, or white. This futuristic athletic wear will put you back more than half a grand, do you think it could possibly be worth two to three pairs of Jordans? Check out Gallucks’s review of the new release below and decide for yourself.