BAPE Looks to Glow with an Old Fan Favorite

Feb 15, 2017

Fellow streetwear fans, rejoice, because BAPE just announced a pretty damn cool rerelease that is sure to get their biggest supporters glowing with hype. A cornerstone of the BAPE apparel line has been their shark hoodie, that’s practically synonymous with the BAPE name itself. So to bring this vetted and venerated winter hoodie back into the light, BAPE is making it shine in the night, redoing it with a glow-in-the-dark feature.

One side features white and light grey, that when in the dark, will glow shades of green, while the black half of the jacket will stay black and have its white spots glow vibrantly in non-lit rooms. They'll also be adding a glow-in-the-dark crew neck to the collection. No word on a release date or pricing yet, but we have no doubt that this really cool hoodie is going to be one of BAPE’s most popular releases yet. Are you going to go through hell and high water for this piece?