BAPE Teams Up with Tech Giant to Break New Ground

A staple of the mid 2000’s was Atlanta rapper, Soulja Boy. A staple Soulja Boy lyric was the line, “I got me some Bathing Apes.” And a staple of streetwear excellence much past a rap lyric is surely Japanese apparel brand, Bathing Ape. The 23-year-old streetwear group has made a name for themselves as being one of the top dogs of 2010’s, bringing unique style to an already extremely competitive sub-industry in fashion. So like many companies that are succeeding in 2016, BAPE is going to be expanding their product and brand into brand new frontier. On the front of your wrist to be exact.


In collaboration with Sony and slated for release on September 29th, BAPE has announced they will be releasing a special BAPE Edition of the SmartWatch3. If you don’t know much about Sony’s SmartWatch line, it’s certainly a powerful little piece of hardware. Powered by Google’s Operating System, the SmartWatch 3 boasts on-wrist phone notifications, GPS, a heartbeat tracker, music player, and a speaker phone calling system. As for BAPE’s contribution, the watch features a special edition black leather strap and the world-famous Bathing Ape logo on the watch's face as the default background. Do you think this new watch will be as high demand as their clothes?


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