Barack Obama Pulls a Straight Bro Move with this Restriction Lift

Despite being the island-country responsible for sending the U.S. into a nuclear scare during The Cold War of the 1950’s, Cuba has contributed some pretty loveable things to the world of pleasures. Their food is the definition of delicious, Scarface is one of the greatest gangster movies of all time, and their cigars and rum are known the world over for their top quality that cannot be mimicked. With this in mind, and knowing he has free reign to flip all the little light switches he wants before he’s out of The White House for good, President Barack Obama decided to let the US enjoy the two vices of Cuban rum and cigars a bit more freely.


Effective before the end of this year, anyone traveling to a country that sells authentic Cuban rum or cigars now have the freedom to bring as much of those goodies as they want back with them to the States for personal use. This move by our current POTUS follows a string of acts by the Obama administration to strengthen our relationship with Cuba after reopening up the U.S. embassy in Havana and lifting a slew of trade restrictions with the country that have existed for over 50 years. What do you think of the move? Are you thinking of becoming a cigar snob now that the best cigars in the world are making their way back stateside?

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