Batman Suit Comes to Life and Shatters Record

If you ever had a childhood, there’s a good chance you fantasized about being Batman at least once or twice back in the day. Jumping down from buildings, driving a tricked out car, beating up bad guys, and having a combat suit that’s about as good as any superpower. Throughout the decades, The Batsuit is second-to-none when it comes to utilizing 100’s of kickass gadgets to take down Gotham’s evildoers (and probably make a dank cappuccino if Batman really wanted it to). Having a ton of material to draw from, a costume designer from Greenland wanted to bring his childhood dream to life by creating a batsuit that’s a step above any reimagining you might see at Comic-Con.

In the Guinness World Record’s YouTube Series, “Meet the Record Breakers,” Guinness met up with special effects designer, Julian Checkley to learn more about his masterpiece of a costume. His personalized batsuit of holds 23 fully functioning gadgets; shattering the world record for most functioning gadgets on a cosplay suit. The direct inspiration for Checkley’s recreation comes from the suit Bruce Wayne donned in the video game, “Batman: Arkham Origins,” which is the Batman universe’s most high-tech suit to date (based on the canonical storyline). Julian started the suit by creating a body-cast of himself, followed by 3D-printing the specifics of the Arkham Origins armor with very durable urethane rubber material. A few of the gadgets of this phenomenal suit include a grapnel gun, smoke bombs, an EMP Stung Gun, and a fully functional NBC (nuclear, bacterial, chemical) respirator. Make sure to check out the video below to get some inspiration for your 2017 Halloween Costume.

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