BET Awards 2016 Recap

If there’s one thing anyone can respect the BET Awards for, it’s for being a hell of a lot of fun. There’s always break out high-energy performances, over the top outfits (both good and bad), awkward on-stage award presentation comedy bits, and just good music all around. Drake & Future is officially everyone’s favorite duo by taking the award for best group act (with Drake also winning best Male Rap Artist), Beyoncé took home multiple trophies for best pop act, best video, and best album, while the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Samuel L. Jackson. Certainly, 2016 was no exception for black excellence, featuring huge performances by top artists, surprising wins, and young figures in the spotlight speaking out about current issues. But being the clothing conglomerate we are, we’ll start with the fashion.

Worst Dressed: Janelle Monae

Amazing singer? Check. Top-notch dancer? Definitely a check on that, too. But we have to say, Monae’s fashion choices has certainly seen brighter days. This outfit is fighting against any symmetry like it’s trying to win a title belt. Hell they say if you gather up enough of these awkward zebra-mimicking pants suits in one place, it’ll throw off predators in the wild.

Best Dressed: 2 Chainz

2 Chainz is notorious in the fashion world for his hit-or-miss consistency when it comes to what he chooses to wear when hitting the red carpet, and at this BET Awards, Titty Boi hit big. The lined fur jacket with what looks like is probably unreleased moon rock Yeezy Boots is crowned off with a stand out braid bun made out of his dreads. Hats off to you, Mr. Chainz. 

Funniest Performance: Desiigner



Desiigner will stop at nothing these days to end the Future comparison and ridicule, even if that means adopting a crazy performance style. In his performance of his single “Panda”, Desiigner convulsed and threw his mic around like it was piping hot and he was the subject of Future’s mind control. Abd as you’d imagine, the memes for this have been glorious.


Best Performance: Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar

There’s not much that needs to be said here. What do you get when you bring the top R&B act and the best lyricist in the rap game right now? Straight. Fucking. Fire.

And meanwhile Jay Z was watching the Beyoncé performance like:


The Feel Good Moment: Tributes to Prince

The music world was shaken just a few months ago when Prince passed away at the age of 57. Being such a massive part of black culture from both a music and fashion standpoint, the BET Awards were quick to honor the legend with performances from some of music’s most powerful voices.

Biggest Moment: Jesse Williams’s Call to Action

We think it’s safe to say that the biggest surprise and biggest moment was Gray’s Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams’s acceptance speech for the BET Humanitarian Award. Williams took the time to highlight major accomplishments in black culture and family values, while addressing several problems in the justice system and entertainment system alike, that seems to target the black community in negative ways. Needless to say, the crowd was very moved by his words, and it’s certainly been the talk of the show since it ended last night.

So what were your favorite moments from this year’s awards? And how do you think this epic year could possibly be topped in 2017?

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