Celebrities Love Independence Day Just as Much as You Do

We all know by now, thanks to things like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, that celebrities aren’t too different form you and I. Just like regular civilians, celebrities post embarrassing pictures, tweet awful tweets about their spouse’s job (lookin’ at you Ayesha Curry…), and inappropriately slide into someone’s DM’s to later get put on blast. So it’s only natural to expect pop culture icons to want to get just as excited for the 4th of July as any of us do, and luckily, a lot of them posted the high points on their social media.

Happy 4th from Barbie!!!! ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

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Here we see Miley Cyrus celebrating the big day with her adorable puppy, Barbie. We can see she’s donned some interesting looking eye shadow and put the dog in an uncomfortable little shirt. Since it’s Miley Cyrus we can assume that in this very photo she’s gone off at least 3 different kinds of inebriating substances. Which is okay for Independence Day.


Post 1 of 2: Hustled this guy at the County Fair when the boys said they wanted to win something for Rylen...

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Happy 4th of July! God Bless America and all who have fought for her freedom!

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During the off-season, when Drew Brees isn’t winning you points for your fantasy team, he’s out being a family man, and this Independence Day was no exception. Here we see the New Orleans Saints phenom getting turnt up in the wholesome way; with some good old-fashioned family time. Great job, Drew, at least you’re not still nursing a hangover at work like some of us are.


Biggest. @officialbelaire

A photo posted by Rick Ross / Yung Renzel (@richforever) on


A photo posted by Rick Ross / Yung Renzel (@richforever) on

It’s pretty well known now that Rick Ross always calls himself “The Boss”, but there’s certainly no shortage of picture evidence confirming that statement. Courtesy of his record label MMG, the self-proclaimed king of Miami certainly turned up at what looks like might’ve been the utmost lit 4th of July party on the East Coast. On his Instagram you’ll see pics of a party that’s certainly fit for a king, featuring champagne, fly cars, and ladies who look like they’re rockin’ real-life Photoshop.


Yesterday was maddddd reallllll!

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I got dat check on me rightttttt nowwwww! #lilmeechie lol

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Naturally, if Rick Ross was throwing an MMG party, you’d expect Meek Mill to be there. For those of us who are more video-oriented, Milly gave us a video compilation of the crazy day. And not to mention a pic he uploaded of a money-covered floor during a late-night strip club trip. Finally, you’re reading words about Meek Mill that don’t have to do with him losing to Drake in every façade of life. Truly the end of an era.



If you didn’t know Tom Hiddleston by name before he started hooking up with Taylor Swift, it’s okay, you’re not alone. He was just that pretty good actor in that one pretty good movie. But now, he’s certainly making his name more well-known thanks to his star studded 4th of July kickback, that featured a cured Deadpool Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and of course his current girlfriend Taylor Swift. Gotta love those celeb meet-ups that accidentally turn into photoshoots.

So which of the celebrities do you think you’d have the most fun partying with? Some family-oriented entertainment with Drew Brees, pool time with good friends and Taylor Swift, alone time with your loving puppy, or at a pool party with Rick Ross that looks like a real life rap video?

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