Chefs of the Olympics Are Feeding the Homeless in Rio

Every time it comes around, the Olympic games do much more than entertain us through television or on the web. We become inspired by the stories of athletes who push to succeed against all odds, champions who refused to be dethroned, and the random acts of kindness that remind the world that all of us on this Earth are much more alike than we are unalike. That’s why the celebrity chefs catering to the Olympic athletes over the course of the games are also looking to help their fellow humans who are much less fortunate.

There are over 18,000 top athletes who are competing at the games in Rio this year, and with their hardworking lifestyles, comes the need for a lot of food. What happens to all the extra food left from the three daily meals prepped for 18,000 athletes? Well typically, those unused ingredients head straight into the trash, but thanks to Italian top chef, Massimo Bottura, Rio’s homeless population can put all that potential food in their bellies. With the help of other top chefs visiting from around the world and local volunteers, Bottura has opened up a temporary kitchen that is feeding Rio’s homeless every night for the duration of the games and possibly beyond. After receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, the gourmet kitchen was able to get everything it needed to run for the remainder of the Olympics. The restaurant is called Refettorio Gastomotiva, and is a mark of the goodwill and unity that the Olympics brings about. When the NY Times asked Massimo about this amazing idea, Bottura stated, “This is not just a charity, it’s not just about feeding people. This is about social inclusion, teaching people about food waste and giving hope to people who have lost all hope.” We’re just happy to see the Olympics filled with feel-good stories like Bottura’s kitchen in a time when the world could use all the positive acts it could get.



Image courtesy of NY Times

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