Chocolate Droppa Drops Fire with His First Single

If you’ve been following Kevin Hart’s antics, you know all about his music alias, Chocolate Droppa. He's the rhyme rippin’, lyric lovin’, and song snappin’ artist the hip-hop game needs and deserves right now. For Droppa’s first single, he recruits Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl himself, Trey Songz, to create a hilarious and neo-romantic track, titled “Push It On Me.” Songz comes in first and delivers his typical bedroom-bumping lyrics and vocals before Chocolate Droppa jumps in with his verse about loving booty. To pin Hart’s sound on this project, it mostly falls somewhere between the raunchiness of Plies with a flow similar to Yo Gotti, but a lyrical delivery akin to Drake’s more recent records. This funny, booty-themed banger has certainly got us hyped for the upcoming mixtape by America’s favorite little comedian. How do you like the single, and what do you think the rest of his LP will sound like? Check out the music video below!

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