Chocolate Droppa (Kevin Hart) Battles Vine Star Klarity

Every generation has its select crop of top comics that go on to define the comedy of that decade, and for all of us used to smart phones and social media likes, that funny-man is comedian, Kevin Hart. If you’re a big fan of his, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Hart’s rap alias, Chocolate Droppa. Possibly in anticipation for Chocolate’s first mixtape, Droppa thought it would be a good idea to battle one of Vine’s hottest stars right now, fellow comedian, Klarity.. As you’d expect the results were hilarious.



In typical Chocolate Droppa fashion, Hart begins his section of the rap battle with some next level lyricism. He truly brings his A-game, tying concepts and analogies together in ways not even Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole could rap their heads around. Klarity on the other hand, didn’t get to bring too much heat to the battle before letting his admiration of Kevin Hart come out in full force. How pumped are you for Chocolate Droppa’s rumored album after this epic rap battle? Check out the hilarious short, below.

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