Christmas Tree for $1,000? Don’t Be Fooled This Holiday Season

Dec 07, 2016

Tis’ the season to be wary. We’ve seen our fair share of holiday craziness, from Black Friday stampedes to fights over “Tickle Me Elmos” back in the day but charging $1000 for a Christmas tree is on some next level crazy. Heather Neville is a longtime Greenwich Village, NYC tree seller who is commanding a staggering $77 per foot for this tree. Although there was a drought-induced tree shortage increasing prices this year and combined with the seller’s claim that the 13-foot-tree is a rarer fir that is “harder to get,” there is no logical reason why a tree (even with stand, delivery, and installation included) should ever reach that high of a price, unless it possessed some sort of magical capabilities.

Our pro tip for you is if you’re looking for a seasonal dead plant ornament for this holiday season, watch out for these opportunistic moneygrubbers and get it from local vendors or tree lots for around $35 (maybe even try haggling the price down). The only positive out of that $1k tree is that at least it’s biodegradable when the actual owner gets rid of it in a month or so. And yes, someone did buy it but no names were given. If it was up to us, we’d probably make a trip upstate with some friends and cut some down (legally, of course) .