Cleveland has a Title and the Internet Is Overjoyed

Well folks, as Birdman would say if you don’t put respect on his name, it’s finished and it’s done! After over 50 years of no professional Ohioan sports team winning a championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by hometown hero LeBron James, have finally brought an NBA title back to Cleveland. For the first time in NBA Finals history, the Cavaliers rallied back from a 3 to 1 game deficit against a Warriors squad with the best NBA record in history. Game 7 saw a cold Curry, a Kevin Love actually contributing, a Kyrie Irving who looked like a young D Wade, and a dominating King James, who cemented his place as the best player in the world. Oh, and JR Smith is probably still up partying at this point.



So the question is, where does the world go from here? Cleveland has a championship, baseball season is in full effect, and we’re in months away from the glorious days of football season. Luckily, the internet is sending off basketball season with a bang at the Warriors’ expense. Like everyone was rooting for LeBron all along, internet trolls have begun taking shots at Curry and the Warriors in the most savage ways possible.


#Game7 🎈😂🎉

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Of course, someone changed the Warriors Wikipedia page (new franchise owners).


Better luck with nut checking next time, Draymond.


A tale of 2 Currys.


Don’t worry Cam, you now have a friend in Steph.


King Stays King.


And of course, Kevin Love experiencing a feeling we could all relate to.

How did you like this Finals series and was it the best of all time? And who do you have slated to win it all next season? We’ll give you a hint for our pick…

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