Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine is a Gut Buster

Monday is upon us, the weekend is a memory, and it’s time to get back to that rise and grind lifestyle. Whether you’re setting your alarm for before the sunrise, or tackling a giant pile of tasks for the week, let this quick clip of UFC Fighter, Conor McGregor’s workout routine help you out on this particular #MotivationMonday. The Irish powerhouse fighter does a lot to make sure his core is in top shape, as it’s one of the most essential parts of the body in terms of creating a quick and agile fighter. Ducking away from punches, executing devastating takedowns, and surviving your opponents ground game if pinned, all require a sturdy core, so McGregor makes sure to really give his abs a beating (literally). The clip of McGregor’s ab day includes some quick-paced crunches, followed by his trainer literally punching McGregor in the stomach with a boxing glove for 25 reps hits a set. Our only guess to for this painful tactic is that McGregor wants to be ready for a punch to the gut at any moment during his fights. Let’s see what pro-wrestlers have to say about McGregor’s toughness now… So if you need a little bit of an amp up to make sure you hit the gym this week, check out McGregor’s clip below!

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