Converse Joins the New Boot Rat Race

A late 2016 trend has definitely been the rise of boots in the sneaker industry. Don’t get us wrong, there have always been fly boots getting released by some of the top labels, but with the fashion industry getting reworks of previously plain boots, like the Nike SFB 6 Bomber's or the Nike Air Max Goadome’s, we’re definitely witnessing the beginnings of a trend that involves the sneaker’s bulkier and tougher cousin. Outside of their coveted and world-renowned Chuck Taylor’s, you don’t hear much about what Converse is brewing up on their drawing boards, but the Boston-based shoe company looks to catch our attention with their first shoe-turned-boot reimagining of the Converse Jack Purcell’s.

The Jack Purcell’s originally dropped in the 1970’s, and the low-top casual sneakers haven’t changed much from their original design until now. Officially dubbed the “Jack Purcell S Series”, the new Converse boots are perfect for those not-so-perfect days outside. They're redone in sturdy leather and a top that’s designed to comfortably hug the wearers ankles; keeping out water, mud, and dirt. The S editions will come in jet black with white soles and a cognac leather-brown. Are you feeling Converse’s latest push into the boot game? If you are, head to Nike to pick them up for $140 before they’re all gone.

Images Courtesy of Nike

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