Dave Chappelle’s SNL Appearance Proves He’s Still the King

For many of us, comedian, actor, and screenwriter, Dave Chappelle’s “Chappelle’s Show” was a staple and hallmark of comedy during the mid-2000’s. Few shows can boast the sheer consistency and excellence that every episode of Chappelle’s Show had. Whether your favorite skit featured “The Mad Real World”, Rick James, Prince, or Clayton Bigsby, the success of Chappelle’s Comedy Central juggernaut surely solidified his place as one of the funniest comedians of our generation. That’s why millions across America were happy to hear Dave Chappelle would be hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live in such tense political and social times. Leave it to the D.C. native to be one of the few comics who can get us to laugh on even some of the most serious and somber topics in recent memory.

As the show proceeded, Chappelle proved that despite being out of the skit game for years now, he hasn’t lost a single step. Every role he played was well-acted, funny, and fit the scenario. Chappelle perfectly played the part of a drunken guy trying to get some last minute booty at the bar, a millennial watching Election Night go down with friends, and even Negan from the Walking Dead. But of course, the big night wouldn’t have been complete without an appearance from several of Chappelle’s notorious characters from his old show, along with legendary SNL alumni, Chris Rock. What’d you think of Dave Chappelle’s triumphant return to television, and do you think the sheer popularity of this episode may spell a new show in Chappelle's future? Check out all the hilarious skits below!

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