David Blaine Stumps Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The world of magic and science rarely intertwine, but when they do, it’s often just science going unexplained. On this installment of Scott Vener’s and Pharell’s Beats 1 talk show, OTHERtone, the leading authorities in both science (astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson) and magic (Optical Illusionist, David Blaine) were brought together to discuss the age-old practice of both. Tyson does what he usually does; engage you immediately by breaking down the history in a way even the most lay of laymen would find entertaining. After the short history lesson, Blaine then proceeds to do what he usually does; screw with everyone’s heads on a whole new level.



To begin his trick, David Blaine presents Tyson with a typical, sharp-pointed icepick.  Once the icepick is opened, Blaine then goes about slowly putting the long pick clean through his hand with the casualness of putting on a damn Band-Aid. After freaking out the entire room with self-mutilation, Blaine then graciously offers to let Neil pull the icepick out for himself. Needless to say, everyone in the room, including the accomplished astrophysicist, was completely stumped (and grossed out) by the illusion. Even our resident science-buffs here at the office are dumbfounded by the ice pick trick, as it’s definitely impossible to puncture the skin, with a needle that huge, and not draw blood. Do you think you know how Blaine pulled it off? Watch the preview of new OTHERtone episode below!

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