Dear Jeans: Target's Denim Campaign

Women are always looking for the perfect pair of denim. A pair that is cute, comfortable, and can last forever.  Finding that pair however, is always difficult no matter your size or shape. Target Style is making jean shopping easier and body acceptance stronger through their body positive denim campaign. 


Last Wednesday, Target Style debuted the Dear Jeans campaign. It features five multi-talented yet, different women talking about what they want from their denim. The campaign featured model Barbie Ferreira, and dancer/actress Megan Batoon.

The women of the campaign were asked to write a letter to their jeans about the, “ups and downs, the feels, the struggle,” According to the video ad campaign.  Each of the women had different struggles when it came to finding and trying on jeans. Batoon stated in the campaign video that, “every time I go in a fitting room to try on a pair of jeans, I have to jump into them until they’re on,” while the other women discussed how jeans fit them better in some parts of their body than others.


However, there were some positives to how these women felt about jeans!  Many of the women talked about how they like their jeans to fit and make them feel good. Alexandra Elle; a writer, says she dresses in jeans so that she can celebrate herself which helps her feel confident about each day! As well, having jeans that accentuate their bodies was another key for each of them.

Like the women featured in the campaign not one pair jeans are the same. Like us, jeans are all different in fit, size, and style! So, whether your perfect pair of jeans is high-waisted, Flare, or skinny, rock the jeans that make you feel confident!

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