Desiigner Models and Raps for Fashion Top Dog

Brooklyn rapper, Sidney Royel Selby III, a.k.a. Desiigner, has really worked his way into many facades of pop culture. The 19-year-old artist has racked up millions of views on YouTube by playing Pokémon GO, trying to explain the lyrics behind his hit song, “Panda”, and even spitting freestyles devoid of enunciation for XXL Magazine. Surely, American culture seems to be enamored by him, whether that be the catchiness of his music, or his universally-accepted lack of actual talent. Now we get to see Desiigner break into one more industry: the world of fashion.

In a special episode of Vogue’s “The Fashion Fund”, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and other Vogue figureheads review ideas by designers to incorporate an intel module into various clothing designs. At about the 4 ½ minute mark and a string of cold rejections by Wintour, Desiigner makes a special appearance for the room of reviewers. From the get-go, it’s somewhat clear that Wintour isn’t extremely familiar with who Desiigner is, but his infectious smile and upbeat attitude seem to have a positive impact on the room. Before he finishes his modeling, in true Desiigner fashion, he decides to spit a verse from “Timmy Turner” for Wintour and her team. Was this moment smooth and natural, or a tiny bit forced? You be the judge and watch below.

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