Do We Really Need a Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collaboration?

Jan 25, 2017

Okay, we’re going to be completely honest here, you’ve seen us cover the concept, and you’ve seen a multitude of other websites cover it as well. The idea of super collaborations has been a big trend ever since the start of 2016. Two big names, sometimes from completely different industries, create a product designed to appeal to two different markets at once. And honestly, it’s cool to see sometimes. One of R&B’s biggest stars getting together with Puma or BAPE designing a piece of wearable tech (or an action figure for children…) can be an interesting twist on two life aspects at times. But like with all trends, super collaborations are certainly not immune to getting out of hand. When it comes to that somewhat sour note, at this particular moment, we’re talking about the recent announced Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration.

Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to #LVxSupreme

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There are a few items on the list and none of them are cheap. Some of the items include: a skateboard/board carrier combo for $5400, a trunk (a common item sold by Luis Vuitton) that costs around $6800, and a very Supreme-ey/LV-ey bomber jacket that’ll run a little over $2,300. It’s clear that the collaboration will be fetching a price tag closer to LV’s merchandise than Supreme’s. Typically, this would be okay…for a Louis Vuitton product. Now, we’re not saying Supreme isn’t high quality stuff, it certainly is, but the price tag and relative out-of-left field nature of this collab has a lot of us wondering if these two companies are just trying to ride the wave of the dreaded “H” word… hype.