Drake Digs Deep in Newest Apple Commercial

Being one of the biggest pop stars in the game, Canadian rapper/singer Drake's name on anything spells instant popularity. So what happens when the biggest tech company in the world, Apple, recruits him for a funny commercial? You get a 1-minute video on YouTube that’s amassed 1.3 million views in about 24 hours. In an ad for Apple’s streaming service, Apple Music, we see Drizzy lifting with his (for some reason, shirtless) personal trainer and pushing up some pretty big weight for his shoulder presses. Once his trainer dips, Drake puts on the real hype music to hit some new personal bests: “Bad Blood” by his fellow Apple Music promotor, Taylor Swift. When he goes for that big crescendo on the bench press, hilarity ensues when all the falsetto screaming in the world can’t seem to help the Canadian phenom get the bar back to the rack. But hey, don't worry, Drake, you’ve been getting progressively bigger over time, so maybe you’ll still be able to pull off the Miami bouncer look you had during the American Music Awards by summer ‘17.

The vibe of Drake’s 1-minute bit may be all too familiar, as you might remember Taylor Swift’s Apple Music commercial that also featured her failing royally at the exercise game. Is it just a coincidence that the Pennsylvanian pop star was using Drake’s smash record “Jumpman,” in her Apple commercial? Maybe, maybe not, but if you want to believe the rumor that the two superstars are dating than the tie-in is all too perfect.  At least we know that the memes coming for the next few days from Drake’s straining and mirror dancing will be hilarious. 

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When trying to act strong in a music video goes wrong 😂😂 #rip #drake

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