Draymond Green’s Rough Play Lands Suspension

It’s truly in the thick of a 7 game series when we get to see the true nature of an athlete. Champions are born, unexpected role players step up to the plate, and true colors come out to play. With the Cavs being down 3 to 1 on the series, frustrations are certainly beginning to boil, not only from poor shooting on the Cavs part, but also from the sheer offensive prowess being put on by the Warriors. We’re not necessarily talking about Curry’s shot here, but Golden State’s Power Forward, Draymond Green’s “accidental” tangle ups with players. Anyone who’s a basketball fan has seen dirtier players elbow, trip and flop in their quest for a win, but Draymond really has a way of just looking like a big-ass clumsy dude with his dirty tactics. He throws up his hands at the right time, looks dazed and confused as he tangles up his legs with another player’s, and that hilarious video of him being pretty much frozen during a postgame interview makes you believe that maybe the big loveable oaf really is just super clumsy. Well the league has looked at the tapes, and has decided that his wrap ups in game 4 was the last straw, suspending for tonight’s 5th game of the series in Cleveland.  How do you think Green’s absence tonight will affect the Warriors’ play? Is this going to give the Cavs the bump they need to put them back in the series, or is it too little too late?


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