Finish Off the Summer with a Free Trip to a Theme Park

With another summer drawing to a close, the warm weather, time off from school, and awesome Olympic games are nearing an end. Here’s hoping you attained that beach bod you worked for in the spring, or if you’re like some of us, getting a head start on storing up those winter reserves. But the most important thing about the summer season is surely finding at least a bit of free time for some fun in the sun. A common summer activity for adults and youngins’ alike is hitting up the various theme parks around the world to scream on roller coasters or get selfies with Mickey Mouse. The only real downside of these massive fantasy lands tend to be the pretty steep price for tickets, especially in the summer when demand is at its highest. Luckily for us, Dutch YouTuber Grierige Gasten detailed just how to get into an amusement park for free. Watch Gasten and his friend borrow a baby stroller, and after some crafty handyman work, manage to fit Grierige’s entire body into the blanketed stroller, with only his head slightly exposed. The only downside to this little covert operatives’ move is that the person pushing the stroller would have to buy a normal ticket, but hey, 50% off isn’t a half bad deal these days either. Check out the whole skit below!


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