Foot Locker Gets Trendy in New Commercial

Jun 22, 2016

With big companies in a constant hunt to stay culturally and socially relevant, we’re seeing more and more commercials that try to reference or parody various pop culture topics of the current day. However, like with any old person company trying to seem relevant, these moves are either a pleasant surprise, or an awkward train wreck; nothing in between. Luckily for Foot Locker, keeping it simple in their new ad worked out in their favor when they decided to make light of the in-house Lakers beef that happened earlier in the season.

In a new commercial featuring exclusive rising NBA stars in Foot Locker gear, projected #1 draft pick tomorrow for 2016, LSU’s Ben Simmons comes over to hang out with some former rookies while getting some advice on his new career. 2016 NBA Rookie of the Year, Karl-Anthony Towns reminds the young stud to work hard and take it seriously, but the real advice came from Lakers rookie, D’Angelo Russell. When young Ben asked Russell for his pearl of wisdom, D’Angelo chucked Simmons’s phone into their stylish infinity pool. If you didn’t know, this refers to D’Angelo’s royal fuck-up of when he secretly recorded his teammate Nick Young (aka, Swaggy P), talking about cheating escapades while engaged to his then-fiancé, pop star Iggy Azalea. Naturally, like all juicy info, the video leaked and caused a hell of an uproar in the Lakers organization for a time. Regardless, we’re glad to see that D’Angelo’s able to look back on this situation and laugh, which is probably more than Nick Young could say about the situation right now…


Because as it turns out, Iggy and Swaggy have officially called off the engagement this past weekend and seem to be pretty through with each other. Like a high school break up between two angst and emotional teenagers, Iggy took to Instagram to vent to the world about the situation, while Young kept his message short via Twitter. So we gotta say amongst all this social-media fueled BS, props to Foot Locker for being oh-so trendy with it.




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