Games of Thrones is Over, Now What?

After 10 months of anxiously waiting for Game of Thrones season 6 to arrive, the 10-week long season has ended, but it surely didn’t disappoint. This season brought us everything we wanted, from Jon Snow’s resurrection to Daenerys FINALLY leaving for Westeros; the show is making moves. But with all the cliff hangers from Sunday night’s episode, waiting another 10 months to continue the storyline makes time feel slower than the aging of Gilly’s baby. So how do we make the waiting period go by faster? We get addicted to a new series of course! Here are a few options below that Game of Thrones fans might be interested in.

1.) Vikings

If you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones Dothraki storyline, then you’ll like the History Channel’s (yes, History Channel) original series, Vikings. The show follows the story of once farmer turned Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok and his Norsemen who scourge through England and France. Although Lothbrok’s clan are the main characters on the show, they aren’t necessarily considered the good guys. But much like Game of Thrones, we don’t just love the heroes. The show began back in 2013 and was just renewed for a 5th season. You can catch up on the first 4 seasons on Hulu, Amazon Instant Video or on DVD.

2.) Spartacus

If your favorite thing about Game of Thrones was the violence and gore, then Spartacus is your next binge-watcher. The show is about the gladiator-slave’s rebellion against the Roman elites. Between battles that would make the Viper vs. the Mountain look like child’s play, and ample amount of sex with each passing season, Spartacus is definitely a GoT runner up. But be warned for this show is not for the faint of heart. Watch the entire Starz original series now on Netflix.

3.) Rome

Although the show has since been cancelled due to budget constraints, Rome offers an extensive character list and plenty of sex and violence that Game of Thrones fans love to get sucked into. It takes place around Julius Caesar’s civil war in 49BC and shows the rise and fall of Caesar and Mark Antony. Just like GoT, Rome is also not afraid to kill off major characters. No one is safe in this 22-episode full story show. Check out this series on iTunes and Netflix.

4.) Black Sails

Although the show’s storyline is very different from Game of Thrones, it still has all the gritty elements GoT fans would expect. Black Sails is a prequel to Treasure Island and revolves around the most infamous and feared pirate, Captain James Flint. The show includes plenty of pirates, thieves and prostitutes to keep you entertained each season. The solid background story and even better character-driven storylines makes this show a go-to for someone looking for a new addiction. Catch up on all three seasons of Black Sails on Starz on Demand. 


5.) The Borgias

This show is a real-life Lannister story. The Showtime series takes place during the Renaissance and focuses on Italy’s most infamous family, the Borgias. Much like GoT, this show revolves around family, power, and corruption. From tragic deaths to brilliantly choreographed battle scenes to orgies in the Vatican, The Borgias will definitely keep your attention. Watch the entire series available on Netflix.

For those of you who don’t believe GoT can be replaced by any other show, you can start watching the series again from the beginning. With about 40 weeks left until April comes around and 60 episodes in the series, if you pace yourself, season 7 will come in no time…

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