Gucci Mane Got Pretty Damn Busy in Jail

Atlanta Hip-Hop icon, Gucci Mane, has certainly become an enigma and a legend in his own right. On the surface, his rhymes and overall lyricism may be seen as lackluster, but many big hip-hop fans claim there’s much more to his career than meets the eye. Migos, Young Thug, shit, the entire wave of slowed down, "xained" out trap music, arguably is the result of Gucci Mane’s influence on club-focused rap bangers. One aspect of his mystical existence that sets him apart is the fact that he somehow always releases music from prison whenever he’s there. Well, now we know not only is he magically releasing records from behind bars, but he’s also busy writing up a hell of a storm whenever he has to spend some time in the pen.

Yup, that’s literally probably hundreds of pieces of paper taped to a wall in his studio. We’re guessing there’s at least 3 albums worth of content up there, if not more. So honestly, props to Gucci Mane for getting fit and pumping out music like it’s a poison in his body while he was locked up. Although, people are still trying to figure out if this new and improved Gucci is actually the real Gucci…. Conspiracy theorist and the truly “woke” are starting to believe that the real Gucci Mane was taken out by the government and replaced with a fake or a clone to quell the masses and plan the next future destinations of Rap. So naturally, we turn to his new music video, “First Day Out the Feds” for more evidence. Decide for yourself, special camera effects, or all the Gucci dopplegangers in one place? Surely, another mysterious question left to be answered in the Legend of Gucci Mane.

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