Harambe Supporters Heckle Golfers

This year has seen some absolutely crazy events and one of them was a debacle that ended up costing a gorilla his life in order to righteously save the life of a young boy who fell into the gorilla pen. Many did not know Harambe before the event, but the murdering of the 17-year-old Cincinnati gorilla has caused a fire storm of sympathizers showing their support. It started with some hilarious memes to pay respect to the joy Harambe brought to zoo attendees over the years, which then later fully evolved into the Dicks Out for Harambe movement.

dicks out for harambe

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Now, to show that they still hold the great gorilla in their hearts, Harambe Supporters took to a stop on the PGA tour to shout praises of Harambe’s youthful name at the event. This past Sunday at the Baltusrol Golf Club New Jersey, PGA competitors their performances overshadowed by the shouting of several attendees. Yes, as 2016 top competitors like Jason Day and Jimmy Walker completed their strokes, their ears were ambushed by the chants, “HARAMBE!!!” coming from the large crowds (or, a few people in the large crowd, whatever). This isn’t the only televised incident where Harambe sympathizers have come to the spotlight, as there was also this conspiracy theorist letting the world know exactly who he thought was responsible for Harambe’s death.



How do you feel about the Dicks Out for Harambe movement? Is it just another silly internet meme, or is it the social movement that’s set to shake the 21st century?

wait ..............................

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Smh niggas acting like they know #harambe without even having they #dicksout when they mention him.

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I cannot live another second of my life without you :^( I miss him so. #harambe #dicksoutforharambe #memes #dank #dankmemes #dankmeme #misshim

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yo 16 followers in 1 day is pretty lit

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