How a Magazine Had One of the Most Impressive Music Events This Year

Well-known magazine company, Complex, has been at the forefront of urban and millennial culture since their conception in 2002. In their strive to always stay relevant to the young heads of Western culture, the New York-based company has brought us up-to-date news on music, athletes, politics, style, and social culture in a way that’s captivating and keeps you coming back for more. With the 2010’s officially being the era of music festivals, Complex decided to give back to their readership by holding their very first annual convention/music festival, ComplexCon, that brought top creators in music, fashion, technology, and more

The Panels and Speakers

ComplexCon gathered up an extremely diverse batch of speakers to hold panels and conferences on a multitude of topics that ranged from serious to downright fun. The events always started in the morning or early afternoon before the music performances got going. Top minds in various fields were able to speak to crowds on the future of public education, weed legalization, the ins and outs of “Instagram fame,” and even what sneaker was “The Sneaker of the Year” (a personal favorite topic of ours). We saw FuckJerry (Elliot Teble), Ice Cube, social activist DeRay Mckesson, and French Montana all come out to give their insight on the worlds in which they lived. Easy to say that many pearls of wisdom were shared over the weekend.

The Music

This is where Complex really wowed us. We knew the music would be great when we saw the names that were on the official lineup, but creating a vibe that allowed all the performances to reach maximum hype is a challenge in itself that ComplexCon delivered on. Bringing through names like Travis Scott, Lil Yachty, Chief Keef, Snoop Dogg, Skrillex and Metro Boomin was the tinderbox that lit a very intense music festival portion of the event. Skrillex rebirthed his famous Mothership stage production, Snoop and Pharrell teamed up for an amazing joint performance, and of course, the highlight of the weekend might have been Cudi playing his first show since checking into rehab, making him the most welcomed act of all.

Did you make it out to ComplexCon this year? What was your favorite part? And do you plan on making it next year?

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