HOW Much is Tupac’s Prison Bible Going for?

People are obsessed with celebrity memorabilia, hell, Britney Spears’s alleged used pregnancy test strip once sold for over $5,000. Do the bidders think that these otherwise completely common and easy to get items will bring them luck? Or is it that the old clutter of A-List public figures may bring the highest bidder closer to the good Lord, himself? Who knows, but we’re definitely praying for an answer after hearing about how much the late great rapper, Tupac Shakur’s Bible in prison is selling for.


The bible that was in Tupac’s possession during his 9-month sentence at Clinton Correctional Facility in 1995, appeared on the internet a few weeks ago. It is now up for auction at the rare item auction site, Moments in Time, for $54,000 (currently). The proof of authenticity is the signature of Shakur and his inmate number during the time. The website has a lifetime guarantee of authenticity, and with other documents like a manuscript for a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, and Elvis Presely’s personal pistol, we’re sure the site is pretty legit. How much would you pay for some one-of-a-kind memorabilia? 

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