Instagram Introduces Unique Feature After Getting Roasted for Stories

The recent talk of the social media world has without a doubt been Instagram’s new, but not so unique feature of, “Instagram Stories.” If you have Snapchat, you’ll pretty much know exactly how IG Stories work. To a tee. There’s literally no difference at all…. except Instagram lacking SC’s awesome filters. Obviously, the memes and internet rants about IG’s power questionable move have been relentless, often equating Instagram Stories to Malia Trump’s plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention this year.


So looking to be a bit more original, Instagram just cooked up something a bit less obvious in terms of being a rehashed idea. Instagram’s new Comment Blocking feature allows users to use a text filter that finds selected keywords in comments to block those comments from being displayed automatically. As you’d guess, this function is fully welcomed by some of IG’s most prominent and popular users, as the troll comments on their pages can literally come in by the thousands. Current beta testers are some of the world’s most notable (and hated) celebrities, like Kylie Jenner (who wants to use it to get rid of advertising on her comment threads), Taylor Swift, and Chrissy Tiegen. We imagine celebs like Ciara, Iggy Azalea, and Tyga will follow suit soon enough. Do you dig this new future feature by Instagram, or do you think their pushing way too hard to go PC?


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