Is This New Supercar the One True Batmobile?

Car buffs and casual enthusiasts alike can easily agree that every year, just when we think exotic cars can’t get any more epic and sexy, some veteran car or up and coming company comes through with the next showroom stopper. Sometimes it’s Lamborghini, with their mean-grilled Italian speedsters. Other times it’s Bugatti, with their million dollar 2-seaters, powered by a small army of horses under the hood, and every once in a while, it’s a name completely out of left field entirely. This year, the honor of coolest concept in the land goes to Italian car company, Alfa Romeo, for their newest concept vehicle.

Officially named the Alfa Romeo GTL Evo, this car may actually be cooler than just about any Batmobile we’ve seen in any live action movie so far. It’s tough to describe in many ways, but the GTL Evo looks like some kind of half-panther, half-Megatron, half-alien spacecraft. With how rounded the curves and lines of it is, it’s genuinely a challenge to see where the doors or wheels begin and end. The car’s chassis looks like it’s made to slice through the air, not featuring a single sharp edge with the exception being that straight monstrous-looking grill at the front. No word on a price point or release date yet, but do you think the Evo will be the release to bring Alfa Romeo to the forefront of the America’s exotic car popularity contest? Check out the car in red and alternate rims below.

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