Kevin’s Newest Shoe Shows He’s All in with the Warriors

At the beginning of the season, basketball phenom, Kevin Durant, shook the foundations of the NBA with his announcement to go to NBA Finals runner up team, the Golden State Warriors. People were divided on the issues, fans of the Warriors being overjoyed and ready to accept him as a full member of the most highly powered offense in the league, and with just about everyone else calling him out for taking the easy route to a championship. If you had any doubt with how stacked his new team is, let’s just say 4 of the starting 5 on the Warriors will be playing in the All-Star game next Sunday. Without a doubt, Kevin’s probably loving his new team, and his newest sneakers definitely are evidence of that.

Titled the Nike Zoom KD 9, Durant’s newest shoe comes in white and royal blue (getting a nod from us), two main colors of the Warriors’ uniform for $150. They look a bit more like your prototypical basketball shoe, in comparison to his previous releases with low ankle settings. How do you like the KD 9’s, and what do you think about how Durant himself feels about the public’s perception of him jumping ship from the Thunder?


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