Kobe Takes on a New Career Post-Retirement

Just because the Black Mamba retired doesn’t mean he’s ready to settle down. Kobe Bryant announced his retirement back in November 2015 saying 2016 will be his last NBA season. On April 13th, Bryant went out with a bang by finishing his last game with a record-breaking 60 points in only 50 shots. He couldn’t have asked for a better last game to end his amazing basketball legacy. From there, fans assumed that Kobe would just fade into retirement and enjoy the spoils of his fortune. However, it seems Kobe has plans to take on a new career, acting.

Photo credit: The Players Tribune

First up was Kobe’s commercial promoting the Ghostbusters movie which aired during the first game of the NBA finals on June 2nd. It featured Kobe getting a call on a “special line” to fight the ghosts coming from the Staples Center. Kobe was MIA in the film, but nevertheless he showcased his commercial acting talents for all to see on NBA’s biggest stage.


Where did he go from here? Kobe was most recently seen in a Chinese commercial promoting Ele.me, a food service similar to GrubHub. Check out the video below to see for yourselves if Kobe has what it takes to be the next, well, “Kobe Bryant” of Table Tennis. 

Between fighting ghosts and becoming a champ at ping pong, Kobe has certainly been busy since his retirement 3 months ago. Who knows, maybe Bryant will take his talents to the big screen one day. Either way, one thing is for sure, we will be seeing more of him off the courts.

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