Land Rover Revamps Their Very First Model

They say much like the clock on your wall, time moves in a circle, and throughout history, aspects of human culture are always bound to repeat themselves. Remember the summer when rompers and bellbottoms were back for a brief period? That look was pulled right out of the 1970’s. Notice a lot of people rocking round lens sunglasses these days? You can thank the 1960’s (and the great John Lennon) for that vibe. We see styles and looks come back around for a second go all the time, especially with automobiles. To cash in on the retro wave, Land Rover is planning to rerelease an old car that propelled them into the luxury race.

Land Rover got started back in 1948, but their world renowned luxury line, Range Rover, dropped for the first time in 1978. The rerelease, officially called “Range Rover Reborn,” will have all the original 1978 specifications and original paint job of Bahama Gold, but what sucks is that they’re only going to be selling ten of these old school gems. The exclusivity alone of these things are going to make them fetch a pretty penny. Do you think doling out a huge wad of cash for a 70’s remake is worth it?

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