LONGJOURNEY Takes an Interesting Route on Going Green

Recycled clothing isn't necessarily a novel idea. Designers have been attempting to make their artistic carbon footprints a bit less drastic by utilizing recycled cloths and fabrics as their main tools to make some great clothing. The clothing industry is the second biggest polluter in the world only behind (you guessed it) the oil industry. SO, what makes this new apparel company (established in just 2012), LONGJOURNEY so special? They go right to finished products for their materials, as in they make their pieces out of old clothes as opposed to recycled fabric.



How is it done exactly? Well, the company founders, Alonso Ester and Alex Carapetian hit up some of the bigger flea markets throughout Los Angeles and went digging for some gold. What’s the gold? Clothes from pretty much any and all brands that seem like they would fit their vision.  Ester and Carapetian say the bulk of their pieces are “modern, streetwear-influenced designs” that each have their own unique flair. This process is extremely sustainable, as almost every aspect of each piece is created from pre-existing clothing, greatly reducing how much waste they produce in terms of creation process itself. Because each article of clothing is made from a completely different set of clothes, no two pieces are the same, which is something we certainly give a nod of approval to. We wonder if our clothes made their "cut". How do you feel about the various pieces? Are you digging this phoenix-like idea, or is something you’d personally pass up? 


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