Made in America 2016 Recap

With the summertime music festivals now being one of the biggest aspects of worldwide music consumption, we’ve seen artists from all genres try to make their performances for the eager festival crowds as life-changing as the music itself. Over its 5-year history, one festival that has been consistently delivering a quality, 2-day experience for its attendees is “Made in America Festival,” held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania every Labor Day Weekend. This year, seeing an attendance of over 140,000 music lovers, it’s safe to say that artists set to perform in one of America’s most popular cities want to make sure that the individuals who choose to watch their set walk away with a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Here were the best and worst moments from the American music festival that closes out the summer season.

Best Set You Probably Missed: Madeon  


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This set was the most surprisingly awesome performance for a number of reasons. Since EDM isn’t something necessarily being played anywhere and everywhere (the way rap and pop music are today), we’d imagine a lot of people attending MIAF don’t necessarily know a ton about the young French DJ, or his music. Secondly, because Madeon was scheduled in the same time slot as equally respectable acts, Chance The Rapper and FKA Twigs, many festivals go-ers familiar with the electro boy wonder may have missed him out of sheer necessity. Well, watch his whole set above to really feel the FOMO.

The Worst Set of the Weekend: Desiigner

To be honest, if you’re still vouching for Desiigner, you may just be in denial at this point. Many have tried to compare the young rising star to fellow Atlanta rapper Future, but the difference between Desiigner and Future is infectious energy. When Future takes the stage, whether you like his slowed down Trap-Rap or not, there is a level of respect and reverence he draws from his massive crowds. Desiigner, as you can see in the video, mumbles over his own records even when he’s live (something Future does not do). He crazily flails around expecting to crowd to flail with him, but everyone just stands around and slowly bobs their heads after about 6 seconds of having their hands up. Check out a clip of his sleep-inducing, odd, 30-minute set above.

The Best Set of the Weekend: Chance The Rapper

Performing an ideal music festival set can be no easy feat, and the task becomes immensely more difficult late at night. Your audience, large or small, is tired from well over 6 or more hours of dancing, and it’s your job to close out this massive event on a high note. But it’s a perfect scenario for Chicago-native, Chance The Rapper, who walks the line between hype and musical beauty like a damn tight rope. His blend of danceable rap tunes and beautiful singing was the perfect way to transition MAIF’s mainstage crowd into Coldplay’s performance; the last set of the night.

Coolest Non-Musical Moment: Bill Clinton Wants you to Rock the Vote



You really do get to see some crazy shit at music festivals. Between all the really fucked up people and the tonic levels of hype in the air, you’re bound to have a memorable experience that doesn’t necessarily include music. For MIAF attendees this year, one of those moments would have to be former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, coming to encourage people to register to vote. Check off some hip points for the Clinton Family.

Most Lit Moment: Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz as Collegegrove

One of the most exciting things in music is when two or more big artists decide to form a super group to take their performances and art to the next level. To say any other set of the weekend was more hyped than Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz’s hour of fiery chemistry on the main stage would be a crime.

 If you were lucky enough to make it out to Philly last weekend, what was your favorite set from Made in America? And who do you want them to bring next year to top this massive 2016 installment?

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