Mariah Carey Wraps up 2016 with One of the Biggest L's of the Year

We made it, guys! We’re finally out of that crazy roller coaster of a year that was 2016. On the world stages, we saw many ups and downs alike, memorable world events, and new developments, politically, technologically, and socially. But no one was truly safe from last year’s unpredictable nature, not celebrities, a 300-year-old political system, or even team’s that boasted a 3 to 1 lead over their opponents. Here at the office, we’re starting to think that while 2016 was a huge douche, it was a douche with a sense of humor, because we saw some hilarious L’s taken in throughout that 12-month period, with the biggest coming 20 minutes before 2017 in Mariah Carey’s trainwreck Times Square performance.

You’d never expect a singer of Mariah's caliber to ever have an issue onstage too big for her to handle, but like we said before, 2016 takes no prisoners. From the start of her set, audience members could tell something was wrong, as her mouth wasn’t moving to the sung words at all. Mariah proceeded to walk around stage and hum as her prerecorded vocals cut in and out from the instrumentals. This painful performance went on for over three minutes before it was all said and done. Now, according to Carey’s team, her mic and ear phones (used to help her sing) were never on at any point when she was getting ready to take the stage at 11:20 pm, leading them to think that someone may have sabotaged her performance. Anyone who works in audio or show business knows mic troubles are commonplace, but this isn’t something that should be happening on live TV, moments before the ball drop. What do you think about the idea of foul play? If you want to get the full chaotic story from someone in Mariah Carey’s camp, check out this interview with Yahoo. If you have yet to watch the cringe-worthy final L of 2016, watch it here below!

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