Marvel vs. Capcom Has Returned to a New World of Gaming

Ever since the start of the next gen consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), new installments from franchises that haven’t had new releases in years have become commonplace. With the gaming community being more demanding and meticulous than ever, the task of bringing a classic title to the new generation of hardware is surely a daunting one. That’s why Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite looks to bring us everything we loved about the legendary arcade game with just a little bit more. The teaser trailer features a classic Marvel and Capcom match up where Mega Man and Ryu square off against Iron Man and Captain Marvel. The nostalgic trailer confirms that MVC’s patented duo-based combat system will make a triumphant return in the next installment.

If you ever played this or other legendary fighting arcade games as a kid, you know just how competitive and intense matches can get. Both combatants using strategy and reaction have milliseconds to get their opponents life bar down to zero. This culture has spawned Major League Gaming, but what’s special about the 2010’s is just how far the MLG’s reach has come. There’s surely a fundamental shift in the popularity of competitive gaming. While Twitch remained the sole outlet for gaming streams for a few years, we’re now seeing sports channels like ESPN cover the competitive circuit for fellow Capcom title, Street Fighter 5. It’s also no secret that some of the players on these professional teams can score big bucks between their sponsorships and pot wins from international tournaments (some of which reach millions of dollars USD). Is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite the next title to bring competitive gaming to a new level of popularity? See if you’ll have what it takes to be the next gamer phenom by watching the extended gameplay trailer, below!

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