Meet the Guy Who Hates Traffic Way More than You Do

According to research done by the American Automobile Association, almost 80% of Americans have felt a significant amount of road rage at least once during the year, and based on the poll we took here in the office, we’re pretty sure that’s closer to at least 100 times in a year. A big part of frustration that can occur from behind the wheel stems from those god-awful traffic jams. Any given day stuck in city traffic can make you wish the flying-automobile world of “Back to the Future 2” was a reality. But if you’re Czech locksmith, Frantisek Hadrav, you’re way too over that traffic lifestyle to wait on that shit.


The Wright Brothers have to be smiling down on Mr. Hadrava, because this smart man decided to no longer deal with traffic and build his own plane that he takes to work every morning. It typically took Hadrav 14 minutes to get to his factory job (which is a damn dream commute time for some of us), so he crafted his very own 3-cylinder propeller plane to cut his travel time down to 4 minutes. The design of Hardav’s plane is based on a U.S. model, the 1984 Mini-Max, has a max speed of about 90 mph, and only cost him about $4000 (3700 euros) to build. Luckily, when it comes to taking off and landing, Hadrava has large fields located near both his home and job. Once landed, he drags the aircraft into the factory parking lot, because even planes are subject to parking tickets, supposedly. So next time you’re sitting in traffic, keep in mind that maybe you too can one day can make it to work through the clouds. Check out an interview Frantisek did with Quartz below.

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