Mermaid Crowns: The trend overthrowing Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a thing of the past and Mermaid crowns are taking over the world of accessories. Mermaid crowns are becoming the new trend due to florist and crown designer Chelsea Shiels. Shiels, who is from Melbourne Australia, started out by making and selling flower crowns until she had a new idea! She decided to incorporate her love for the beach into her crowns, thus creating the mermaid crown! 


To make her unique and creative crowns, Shiels works with suppliers from places such as Hawaii and India. She also uses excess seashells she finds on beaches. The crowns come in two sizes, small or large, with small crowns using 20 shells, and the large crowns using up to 50 shells. Each crown is decorated with pearls, chains, and occasionally Swarovski crystals. The stones generally take a few days to set before it is ready for purchase.


Shiels has been featuring her Creations on Instagram and has attracted customers from all across Europe and the United States. Her business has sky rocketed with customers ordering the crowns off of her Etsy shop for music festivals and birthday parties.


Although the flower crown is still loved, it was time for a new trendy accessory! What do you think about mermaid crowns? Are they accessories you would rock? Let us know by sharing your thoughts on Facebook page and on Instagram @royalbluejuniors!

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