Migos Rate the World for Pitchfork

Anyone who follows rap knows that the Atlanta based hip-hop collective, Migos, has been taking the world by storm and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Between their hit single “Bad & Boujee” inspiring a meme trend, being endorsed by Donald Glover as the next Beatles, and having possibly the most copied sound in the rap game right now, it’s clear that we’re definitely all going to be riding whatever wave Migos wants to put forth until at least the summer time. Whether you think these guys are relatively talentless, or put a new and ingenious spin on contemporary musicianship, there’s no doubt their vibe and sound is something that’s currently one of the major drivers of today’s popular music.

In Pitchfork’s hilarious and insightful YouTube series, Over/Under, Migos gives their one-of-kind insight on aspects of life that are either underrated or overrated. They delve into everything from dentists, school, and even make sure to show love to the great city of New York. While they answer most of the questions in a straightforward manner, they’re certainly not afraid to admit when they don’t know about one of the topics. We guess real stays real. Tell us, are you fucking with Migos’s vision, or are you counting the days until rap’s next big trend setter comes into the spotlight?

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