Migos Show off Their Creative Process on Sway in the Morning

Many rappers who achieve the ranks of mainstream popularity are very often met with great criticism, as not only do they make rap music, but they can officially brand their tracks as pop music as well. Relatively new to this blessing and curse is Atlanta hip-hop collective, Migos. Made up of three rappers, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, Migos’s level of talent has been a subject of hot debate ever since their peculiar style of rapping (whether it seem talentless or not) has spawned a multitude of copycats, and has officially gave them a #1 single in their newest song turned meme sensation, “Bad & Boujee.” Many have said, rapper and commoner alike, they can easily do what the three of them do, but now, thanks to Shade45’s radio show, Sway in the Morning, we get to see exactly how the trio puts in the lyrical parts of their records.

Before getting into their freestyle session over three different beats, Offset details the creative process that goes into their rapping. He claims that within a few seconds, they can already tell if they can use a beat for a song or not. If a song passes this extremely quick test, one of them will being to ad lib in that stop-and-go fashion that has become so trendy and brought them to this level of fame. This process is put on display in real-time when Sway plays a variety of beats for the group, leading to about six minutes of Migos branded freestyles that have near the same lyrical quality of their official songs (with the exception of missing hooks). Surely, their improvised freestyles aren’t necessarily the best out there, but the one thing they all feature is that particular Migos flow and a synchronization between the three that shows how in-tune they are with one another. Multi-talented musician, Childish Gambino himself called Migos the second coming of The Beatles, but do you think their mere understanding of what’s hot in the moment earns them this massive title? Decide for yourself and watch the freestyle session below.

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