Millennials Light up with Their Parents for the First Time

For many Americans in the two age groups, the thought of legalizing that lovely sticky green (or as older individuals like to call it, the Devil’s Lettuce) is something that divides millennials and baby boomers as much as the decades between them. Many people, between teenage years to 30-somethings, generally feel that smoking weed is pretty much harmless, while their parents were taught that the reefer can lead to heroin-like addiction and even permanent dementia. Baring these big differences of opinion in mind, YouTube channel, WatchCut Video somehow convinced a group of parents to smoke weed with there now, not-so-little bundles of joy for the very first time.

At first, all 6 of the participants definitely feel a bit awkward to be partaking in the happy leaves with their direct family member. However, after a couple hits and some ice breaking questions about cannabis, all three groups certainly begin to lighten up. We even get to see one daughter get emotional about the bonding experience she’s getting to have with her father over the plant of peace that so many love. Would you ever burn a few with your parent, have you done it in the past, and do you think this will be a more regular occurrence in the future with more states legalizing recreational marijuana? If you want to take a look at just how poorly pot was received in the past, check out the trailer for the 1930’s movie, “Reefer Madness” below.

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