Nike Looks to Brighten Your Fall with this Latest Sneaker Pack

Dark colors, drab fabrics, and multiple layers are a cornerstone of day-to-day outfits during the Fall months. The lack of sun and impending snowfall typically make people want to match the colors of the sky as they chill inside and wait for Spring Break. Despite the cold creeping up, being the trend setters they usually are, Nike has decided that the thick of Fall (October 7th) would be a great time to release their newest pack of athletic shoes. The vibrantly bold Nike Floodlights Glow Pack, is a release that’ll surely have your feet shining.

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Nike’s newest pack would put Skittles to shame, as the age-old sneaker giant is really looking to bring the rainbow. Made up of 4 different shoes, the Floodlights Glow Pack will come in a vibrant orange (MercurialX), a gorgeous salmon (HyperVenomX), a lime green (Magistax), and a powder blue (Teimpox). The orange, salmon, and green selections seem to lean a bit more towards athletic purposes, while the blue Teimpox is a bit more of a casual sneaker. The icing on the cake with the Floodlights pack would have to be the glow-in-the-dark details, with each member of the pack having its own unique glow. Which of the four are you feeling the most? Figure out where to pick them up here, and check out more pics of each member of the Floodlights below.

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