Nike Pushes Boundaries with Their Latest Upcoming Release

Being in the thick of a new golden era for sneakers, head honcho shoe brands and small names alike are being anything but conservative in order to try and win over the hearts of their customers. Nike, still holding strong as the big man on campus when it comes to basketball shoes, really isn’t pulling any punches with the new Unlimited release they have set for October 13th. Being one of the many creative releases coming out of Nike’s NikeLab, the sportswear giant really wants to deliver the premier casual basketball sneaker in the Nike “Tan Air” Unlimited.

The brand new Air Unlimited edition is definitely not something designed for a casual game on the court. As it features a gorgeous suede do-over on the majority of the sneaker. The only things not done in suede on the Tan Air is the soles (obviously), and its lighter accented tongue at its center (made of polyester and padding). For now, the only release date for the Tan Air is in Japan, but we’re positive we can expect a U.S. announcement in the near future. Follow Nike’s Twitter to keep an eye out for the release date here.

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