Nike SFB's Get an Extremely Stylish Revamp

Everyone loves the idea of an amazing makeover. Looking to always stay ahead of the pack, Nike not only brings the heat when it comes to releasing forward-thinking new additions to the swoosh family, but they also know how to get us to love older shoes in ways we never thought we would. So when Nike redesigns their previously bland SFB 6 boots in beautiful leather, the Nike SFB 6 Bomber’s will get the attention of any shoe fan for the better.

The Nike SFB 6’s is one of the Nike-branded boots that are relatively obscure in the shoe company's large and impressive family. And like most of their other boot lines, the SFB’s look fairly plain, coming in all black, and baring a look most appropriate for a work uniform. The Cognac editions throw those ideas completely out the window, bringing a gorgeous cognac-colored brown leather to the shoe on top of a marble-colored speckled sole. The interior of the shoe is lined with warm plush material, and to add even more flare to this reimagining, the cognac colorway features a heavy retro-esque zipper on the ankle. This easily might be one of the most impressive reimagined shoes of the year, and it being sold out on Nike’s website definitely proves that. Make sure to stalk their website to see when they plan to drop more of these gorgeous boots.


Images courtesy of Nike

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