Nokia Brings Back Its Tank of a Phone

Feb 28, 2017

Are you sick of shattering your smartphone’s screen from drops of a few inches? Are you weary of Apple and Androids tactful release windows, in which your year-old phone starts to run slow just in time for you to have to pick up the newest model? Are you tired of constantly having to recharge several times a day, making a wall socket transform into a metaphorical crutch that keeps you connected to the world? Fear not hipsters and “off the grid” enthusiast, Nokia has resurrected some hardware that has been the butt of indestructible (no pun intended) technology jokes for years. The Nokia 3310 is back, and it won’t be dying easily.

Apps? That’s for phones with feeble battery life. Touch screens? Flash technology reserved for tools that are more delicate than the finest of fine China. The 3310 is a phone and just that. You can talk, you can text, take extremely basic pictures, and that’s about it. But with a whopping 22 hours of talk time, a standby time of a little over a month, and a price tag of just $50, if you’re tired of the hassles brought on by the smart devices that are supposed to make life simpler, this phone is the phone for you. But fear not, you won’t be missing Snapchat or Instagram when you’re playing the GOAT of all cell phone games, the legendary “Snake” on that beautiful 2.4 inch, fully colored screen. Do you think you’ll go against the smart phone grain and pick up a 3310? Ironically, keep an eye on Nokia’s social media for the official quarter 2 release date, coming up soon.