Obama Makes Sure to Keep Sneaker Manufacturing at Home

It’s a well-known thing that many presidents, when in the last few months of their second term (if fortunate enough to get second term), make a lot of minor executive decisions to further cement their legacy a bit more. We’ve already seen this process in full force with our 44th president, Barack Obama. Not only has he made moves to protect Planned Parenthood funding and the environment from the aggressive offshore drilling plans of president elect, Donald Trump, but he’s also shown his lit side by lifting restrictions on the import of Cuban cigars and rum. Now, he’s looking to make sure manufacturing jobs are maintained, particularly in the sneaker industry.

Officially dubbed the “Made in USA Provision” to the National Defense Authorization Act, Obama has signed into law that all athletic footwear provided to new recruits must be from brands that do their manufacturing in the United States of America, particularly being an advantage to the Maine-based New Balance sneaker brand. Considering this will be a constant stream of business for New Balance, it is expected to help maintain and even increase jobs in the state-side shoe manufacturing industry, and could lead to an increase of up to 250,000 more pairs annually for New Balance. What other great light switches do you think Obama will flip on his historic way out the door?

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